This software can be freely available for evaluating DNA data in paternity or kinship testing by registration. Likelihood ratio(LR) values can be obtained with and without involving linkage. This software can currently be cited by the following literature, which describes the effectiveness and some algorithms of the software:

基因签证(基因数据分析软件)可以分析用于亲权鉴定的基因(DNA)数据,包括亲子, 同胞, 叔侄, 祖孙, 堂兄弟, 近亲婚配,基因重构(父母基因缺失), 遗产继承, 其它复杂关系亲权鉴定, 获取连锁或非连锁情况下可能性比值(LR,PI等),通过注册免费使用(作者免责),建议实名,可以通过下列文献(描述软件部分算法和有效性)引用本软件:

Da Yang, Pedigree likelihood formulae based on founder and founder couple symmetry and validation of DNA testing software. Forensic Science International: Genetics 62 (2023) 102782
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